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5 thoughts on “Blueberries are ripe!!

  • Carrie Brantley

    I would love to come out and pick with my girls. Could you please let me know when your picking and what you charge. Thanks,
    Carrie Brantley

    • Blues End Post author

      the berries are ripe now though we aren’t picking every day because we are spraying them with organic grape-based spray to keep the birds off of them. This is Wednesday afternoon and there are berries to pick. If you can come tomorrow or Friday with today’s rain and the days since we last sprayed they are good for picking. We charge $2.80/lb for picking. Call me at 502.655.3043 if you want to come. thanks

    • Blues End Post author

      Thanks. We spray our bushes with an organic grapeskin spray that birds don’t like to eat as a way to keep the birds disinterested. So we can only pick about 4 days after we spray. We sprayed yesterday, Sunday, and so this Friday should be good for picking. If you intend to come out please let us know so we can be sure to be ready for you.