Blues End Goats

The first of May we got our first goats.  We now have 6 total.  Five are females from the O’Malley farm and we got the buck from a farm in Taylorsville, Ky.  We have sub-fenced our already fenced pasture so that we can move the goats from section to section.  The sub-fence can be electrified and it is movable.   We plan to move the goats to a new section after a month in order to use the property in a more sustainable manner and to break parasites from cycling through the goats.

We attended a workshop on sheep and goats put on by the Kentucky Goat and Sheep Association.  We heard again how important the buck is to the success of a herd and we felt led to look for a new buck for our herd.  We found on owned by Alvin Tingle and have added him to our herd.  We also found a goat herder who was selling her goats  and had the opportunity to buy 5 quality does to add to our herd.  We now have 11 does and two bucks though we are trying to sell the first buck.  We kept one doe from our last season and the kids bought Doug a doe for his birthday.

We moved to have more permanent installations put in so that we can cycle the goats through our field and still have a place so that they can get out of the weather.  We have permanently cross-fenced the pasture and are moving towards a more workable management of our herd.