2016 Blueberry Season Over

Thank you friends!  Even though it has been a short time we see that the blueberries are about done.  There are a few more still ripening but the one or two people who will still pick this year will take them all.  With are new netting up we have had […]

2016 Blueberry season

We are excited for the new season!  After our catastrophe of November 2014 I was determined to find a FINAL answer to our bird problem!  And after asking around some more and seeing some new ideas we did find a raised net system that we could use with our blueberries!  […]

Birds too much competition!

Sorry folks, we have fought the birds again this year and didn’t do too bad.  With organic grapeskin spray and bird distress calls we picked a good many berries.  Now, it seems, that the rain keeps washing the spray off and the distress calls are no longer scaring the birds.  […]

Blueberry season ends….

We had a great blueberry season this year!  We appreciate all the interest from you and for buying some of our berries.  All good things come to an end and that is the case for this blueberry season.  The very few remaining berries are ripening for the birds to gather.   […]